Problem A: Verdicts!!!

Time limit: 3 sec


While judging a submitting code, OJs (Online judges) follow some rules for verdicts. Some of them are given here,

Accepted (AC): OK! Your program is correct! It produced the right answer in reasonable time and within the limit memory usage.

Presentation Error (PE): Your program outputs are correct but are not presented in the correct way. Check for spaces, justify and line feeds… (N.B. In this problem just check spaces and justify).

Wrong Answer (WA): Correct solution not reached for the inputs. The inputs and outputs that we use to test, your program does not satisfy it.

Now think that you are a judge and your task is to give verdict according to the given rules.


Input an integer 1 <= T <= 100, Next T lines are the Judges outputs. Then next T lines are the outputs produced by the submitted code.


Sample Input Sample Output
3The ans is: 1234

This is good.


The ans is : 1234

This is good.


Case 1: PECase 2: AC

Case 3: WA

August Contest, 2014

Problem Setter: Shikhor Roy.


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